When it comes to bringing big film projects to D.C., the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development hasn’t exactly made it rain. Movies and TV shows do shoot here, but usually only for a day or two; after directors have collected the necessary exterior shots, they return to Maryland, Virginia, or other states whose moviemaking subsidies make them more attractive places to film than the District.

Still, the film office has tried to get some attention. In 2011, it inaugurated the One City Location of the Month, which has highlighted sites around the District that local officials think could be useful on-screen. One problem: Of the 21 places selected by the film office, only four have been used in feature films—and those examples are all from before the sites were named Location of the Month.

Clearly, it’s Hollywood, not us. To help filmmakers out, here are a few suggestions for movies that could be made at the film office’s favorite locations.