After another edition of Sonic Circuits Festival came and went in September, director Jeff Surak found himself in the red.

He says he racked up about $5,000 in debt after this year’s event, for which he had to cover expenses for things like artist travel, accommodations, and renting sound equipment. He says that two of his volunteers are about $3,000 in the hole between them.

So the festival leader has reached out to supporters for help. Late last night, Surak sent out a blast to his email list, requesting donations for a new Indiegogo campaign that, as of this writing, has raised about $350 of its $5,000 goal.

From the email:

Since 2002, our annual festivals and numerous other shows in local venues have presented hundreds of cutting-edge artists from the region, the nation and around the world to thousands of enthusiastic fans. … Sonic Circuits does not have a steady funding source and is operated by an all-volunteer staff. Recent festivals have left us with an unpleasant amount of debt, which now jeopardizes our future. We need to pay our bills to stay in existence. Now more than ever, we need your help. Otherwise, Sonic Circuits could go silent.

Surak says ticket sales helped cover a lot of costs at this year’s event, but turnout, while respectable, wasn’t “as high as [it] could have been.”