Talking to Wils Wilson, director of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, which starts tonight at the Bier Baron Tavern. What’s special about performing in a tavern? “The audience sees the actors up close, the sweat on their brows.” [D.C. Theatre Scene]

John Davis and Chris Richards, both formerly of Q and Not U, plan to digitally release a full-length from their collaborative project Paint Branch in 2013. [Title Tracks]

Beatport names U Street Music Hall’s sound system the second best in America [Beatport]

Richard Florida uses Myspace data to map music scenes in American urban centers, including D.C. [Atlantic Cities]

The Dismemberment Plan puts its entire discography—-with lyrics and YouTube videos—-on its website. (On Facebook, frontman Travis Morrison says, “I’m sure it looks like ass on mobile. We’re working on that.”) [Dismemberment Plan]

101-year-old Arlington resident Martha Ann Miller publishes her autobiography [Post]

Music school Bach to Rock opens a franchise in Philadelphia [Washington Business Journal]

Washington Post Fiction Editor Ron Charles documents the process of reviewing a book on a Kindle; concludes he wouldn’t like to do that again [Post]