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Standout Track: The A-side, “Woo.” At its foundation is a stutter-stepping four-on-the-floor beat; atop it, flossy synth patterns overlap, reverberate, and gently jostle for attention. Released as a single, “Woo” will also come out on the upcoming Hooray for Woo, the second LP from Dunbar, the alter ego of Andrew Field-Pickering of nu-disco duo Beautiful Swimmers.

Musical Motivation: So, given the title, is “Woo” a song for dancing or for making out? “I feel like ‘both’ is the answer,” says Field-Pickering, who recently moved with his girlfriend from his native Silver Spring to Mount Pleasant. “I totally knew I was making a makeout track, though, no doubt.” He calls the song “almost like shoegazey or something,” and says he didn’t have a specific story or earthly concept in mind, “just kind of that static, repetitive feeling of bliss.”

Just a Man and His Beats: Despite the hip-hop vibe of the name “Maxmillion Dunbar” and Field-Pickering’s prominence as a rapper in his old group Food for Animals, he doesn’t feel much of an urge to vocalize over the music. “Not really in the slightest,” he says. “I just don’t think with a rap brain anymore.” And offering up “Woo” for remixes wasn’t in the plan, either. The 12-inch has two original tracks—“The Drift” and “Shampoo”—on the flipside. “I’ve had trouble recently being stimulated by the remix world,” Field-Pickering says. “I just preferred at the end of the day to have B-sides. I love when I see that on records.”