It hardly matters that Vestibule was only a temporary art display erected during Occupy D.C., which was itself a short-lived protest over, oh, sort of everything involving banks and power. The sentiment lives on in a cursory statement from D.C. artist Joe Orzal that debuted as a piece of text-art at Vestibule that read, “Shit’s Fucked Up.”

Isn’t that just about the perfect Occupy statement? Shit’s fucked up and stuff. And shit is fucked up, so frequently—-maybe even 99 percent of the time. Anyway, folks in D.C. appear to endorse Orzal’s sentiment. Kristina Bilonick‘s Pleasant Plains Workshop adopted Orzal’s painting and turned it into a print last summer. Now the Pink Line Project is kicking out Shit’s Fucked Up T-shirts through a new Pink Line shop on Etsy.

This means that you can express how fucked up shit is through apparel, made available in a variety of styles and colors: girly grey T-shirt, another girly grey T-shirt, more girly grey T-shirts… but that is not all. There is also a girly teal T-shirt and, for the fellas, a girly teal T-shirt. And unisex hoodies, too. Does that person have a PBR in his or her unisex back pocket? Everybody, with feeling: Shit’s Fucked Up!

But do you know what the least fucked-up shit is about this Etsy shop? The Pink Line Project promo video for this line. I see Josef Palermo, Andrew Herndon, Margot MacDonald, Amy Braden, and other people from the scene living it up. It is as if shit’s not fucked up at all! Or it’s some fucked-up shit that people are having this much fun when shit’s so fucked. Personally, I would have gone with Warren Zevon‘s “My Shit’s Fucked Up” but I imagine that if you tried to sell a T-shirt using Warren Zevon he would rise from his grave and fuck your shit up.

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