Unless you are a student of indie music, chances are you don’t know the name Mark Eitzel, or the band he led, American Music Club. But there’s a good chance that those who do call themselves fans. Eitzel, who played at the Black Cat Backstage Monday night, has long been known for his smooth tenor and smart, striking songs. Eitzel played tracks from his latest release, Don’t Be a Stranger, as well as from others in his back catalog, armed with just a piano player. I was told beforehand that he can be hit-or-miss live, but last night, Eitzel was on in a big way, putting on a performance so impassioned, it’s surprising he had strength enough to breathe by show’s end.

(Ed. note: Because City Paper‘s website and content management systems were disabled or buggy much of Tuesday, these photos arrive late. Our apologies.)

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