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HO HO WHO: HAHA-YO, a novelty rap group from West Chester, Pa. Think of these dudes as Das Racist, if Das Racist were a few dolts from the Philly suburbs instead of a few wise-asses from Brooklyn. Though, judging by the group’s previous recordings—-middling joke songs like “Jimmy Buffet” and “Sundress”—-even a Das Racist comparison might be generous. It’s kind of like four bros saw Andy Samberg‘s “I’m On a Boat,” and thought “Hey! We could do that, too!” but then… couldn’t.

THE HENNESSY-SPIKED EGGNOG: Well, “Holiday Song” manages to be uniquely irritating despite its total lack of originality.

THE DRY OL’ FRUIT CAKE: Novelty rap doesn’t have a really high bar, but even so, this foursome is grasping for it. In a ploy as bland as advent-calendar chocolate, the boys don their best self-aware mugs and rap aggressively about silly stuff. But hold on, if lines about kegs of hot chocolate don’t have you shaking like a bowlful of jelly, they also wear ugly sweaters and throw money at the camera. Get it? It’s incongruous! Despite rave reviews from the always discerning YouTube commentariat, we doubt this attempt at a viral video will even catch on with the CollegeHumor/Funny or Die crowd. For more nuanced Christmas entertainment, better just cue up that dancing-Santa robot your aunt bought at RadioShack.

CHEER FACTOR: 1/10. We may not be on the nice list, but we still didn’t deserve this.