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HO HO WHO: YouParent is the self-declared “THE MOST UNUSUAL FAMILY ON YOUTUBE with 7 kids (5 adopted).” Their Christmas song, “Mama’s Too Hot for Christmas,” addresses the woes of living in season-free, warm climates at Yuletide. Other videos include “HAIR CONDITIONER (TEENS TALK),” “BABY IN THE HOUSE: SINGLE MOM/CUTE BABY,” “Thanksgiving (Annoying Parents Flirting,” and “FAT DAY (TEACHER WORK DAY).” They have 4,543 subscribers, who have viewed their videos 349,586 times. If those 4,543 people truly think YouParent is “unusual,” they would be well-advised to stay away from most of the rest of the Internet.

OH WHAT FUN IT IS: Two minutes in, there’s an unobjectionable piano solo that gives you a nice break from the syrupy vocals and bland-but-apparently-intended-to-be-spicy lyrics. The “unusual” family’s mostly adopted kids, who pop up throughout the video, are pretty cute. Also, it’s only 3:43 long.

HOT OR NOT: “Mama’s Too Hot for Christmas” perfectly combines two of my least favorite genres: Family-friendly music and Christmas music. And thanks to the evil powers of exponential math, the result is far worse than if it were merely one or the other. As background noise, the song isn’t horrible; it doesn’t stand up to active viewing or listening, though. The video looks like it was edited by Drunk Santa on a Final Cut Pro rampage, with odd jumps, ever-changing backgrounds, and extraneous effects. “Mama’s too hot for Christmas,” the chorus goes. “Papa might have to go/skating on ice/with his too-hot wife/in Colorado or Buffalo.” The chorus, the mom in the family explains in a separate outtakes video, “obviously has a double meaning.” Yeow!

CHEER FACTOR: 1/10. They enjoyed the song and the video, but chances are you won’t.