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HO HO WHO: Emm has been hailed as “England’s new pastoral-folk prince.” He is bearded.

WARM FIRE AT FURRY HOUSE PARTY: Oh come all ye tweeful. This song, a sweet ditty about lights in trees and friends and stuff, sidesteps the treacle, though it’s best absorbed along with its delightful animated music video. In it, our hero walks through snowy woods ostensibly reflecting on lights in trees and friends and stuff, passing nonsensical creatures that even cynics might find charming as all hell. (There’s a pink yeti creature that looks like a crinoline skirt! And mammoth candy canes! And a jug of wine dancing with a ham!) By song’s end, he’s made his way to his happy place: a party in a warm cabin full of Yo Gabba Gabba extras. (“It’s not too late to go back to where you belong,” Emm sings as he enters.)

RUNNY NOSE IN COLD-ASS WOODS: The main character’s facial hair looks like droopy testicles.

CHEER FACTOR: A solid 9/10. This song/video combo will put you in the mood for a hot toddy—-with friends! Some call this mood “the Christmas spirit.” (It would have gotten 10/10 if we’d seen more of the jug of wine/ham pairing. What’s their story? I wanted more!)