Both Volta Bureau and the gang from Future Times Records have released new mixes that look back on their favorite tracks from 2012.

But for the three DJs and producers in Volta Bureau, one mix just wasn’t enough: Members Micah Vellian, Will Eastman, and Outputmessage each crafted their own retrospective on the year in dance music. If you haven’t paid attention to much house music lately, all mixes will catch you up; many of their selections are club-tested tracks that critics liked this year. Micah Vellian’s contribution is the most bangin’ of the three; Eastman takes a mid-mix nap with a track I still haven’t gotten sick of, Pachanga Boys’ 15-minute magnum opus, “Time”; and Outputmessage wraps things up on a meditative note.

Future Times, meanwhile, sticks to its own house blend: Several tunes were produced or released by the label’s friends or signees—-including Bookworms, Torn Hawk, Steve Summers, and Beautiful Swimmers—-or were remixed by label co-owner Max D. It’s more of a listening mix than Volta Bureau’s three-parter; keep this one in your headphones. (Disclosure: I’m friends with the owners of Future Times and a few people on this mix, so I’ll say no more.)

Hear all of ’em after the jump.

Update: Oops, I forgot to mention that on Thursday, Future Times’ Max D, alongside Peoples Potential Unlimited and Earcave owner Andrew Morgan, open for Hyattsville soul musician George Smallwood at my new favorite D.C. venue, Tropicalia. (If you have no idea who Smallwood is, read Aaron Leitko‘s 2009 profile of him here.) Volta Bureau also helms the decks at U Street Music Hall’s refreshingly affordable New Year’s Eve blowout next week.