At this time last year, D.C. rapper SmCity was prepping the release of The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money. On that release, the University Heights native griped about the indie grind, but played up the positive: He was making too many moves to worry about a few haters, as he saw them, along the way.

Out this week, “New Year’s Revolution” lends a glimpse into Sm’s recent personal and professional accomplishments. He lost weight (“baby fat”) and performed at the annual SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas. Elsewhere, Sm trumpets his media-relations efficiency: “Every move that I make is some immediate shit/Every day we’re blasting out to the media lists/Even if it’s tedious, we still speedy and quick.”

“New Year’s Revolution” is the first single from Sm’s forthcoming album, Dream Cemetery, out in March. Listen below.