Following a battle with colon cancer, D.C. soul singer Terry Huff died last month at the age of 65. It was a sad end to a life marked by high peaks and devastating lows: Huff had been a remarkable singer from a young age, a promising police officer, and after leaving the force, a local star musician who seemed poised to take his talents national. But along the way, he derailed, stumbling from job to job, at one point becoming homeless.

But Huff’s fans are still out there—-and they want to pay their respects. Tomorrow, a pair of promoters are coming together to present “A Special Delivery for Terry Huff” at the Hampton Conference Center in Capitol Heights, Md. “Reunited” duo Peaches & Herb tops the bill, with support from Sarah Dash, Al Johnson, H.A.L.O., Skip Mahoney & the Casuals, and several others.

The memorial concert is scheduled to take place Friday night from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. It’s not clear whether the show is also a benefit concert for Huff’s family; I’m waiting for confirmation from one of his siblings.

See the flyer for information about where to buy tickets.