Sometimes, words get in the way. In this era of social-media overstimulation, it seems everyone has something to mouth off about. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear people like D.C. producer Andrew Field-Pickering (aka Maxmillion Dunbar), who can express himself profoundly without saying a word.

Such is the foundation of House of Woo, Dunbar’s new electronic album out Feb. 19. For 52 minutes, the Beautiful Swimmers member and Future Times Records co-founder toys with glowing synths, maintaining a moderate pace throughout. According to a press release from label RVNG Intl., the album was partly inspired by Field-Pickering’s relationship with his significant other. “My girlfriend and I would listen to the tracks in the studio at our old place,” he says, “laying back in chairs and letting them play over and over for hours.”

We’ll have a full review in this week’s paper. Listen to the NPR stream below.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill