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The McNugget as a Trope

Last week we gave a shout out to Chi Chi Monet, the 9-year-old girl who, while rapping about childhood obesity, made a reference to giving up Big Macs because of their caloric content. I questioned whether any 9-year-old would actually choose a Big Mac over McNuggets; one of my City Paper compatriots keenly noted that the word “McNugget” has very few G-rated rhyming words. Well, then. Let’s turn to 17-year-old DMV rapper Nooch, who’s now allied with One Way Boobe’s Oy Boyz crew. About 1:30 into “Gotta Go,” the teenager drops the lines,”I got too much sauce/McNugget/Aw you ain’t get that line, fuck it/You niggas still chicken/Bucket/Was it worth another try/Aight, fuck it.” Point taken. Anyway, the track has an appealingly spacey groove, and Nooch’s hard-rubber flow definitely has room to expand. Hear more on his Soundcloud page. (His rapping is much more natural than his driving; the Benz in the video looks like it’s driving him.) —-Joe Warminsky

Cocaine Flexin’

Sometimes the clichés stack together like Legos to build something beautiful. Local native Cocaine Ready’s latest clip, for “Flexin’,” drives down some seriously overworked thematic alleys. Yet the result is a blue-pill track I can’t stop jamming. It’s all here: piano loops and post-Lex Luger rattles on the beat; Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony wordplay; rhyming “purp” (as in smoking drugs) with “dirt” (as in killing you); the line “I came with two straps / I feel like a book bag”; and in the video, a woman in pasties and boy shorts ironing money on an ironing board. The mixtape drops in March. —-Ramon Ramirez

Rappin’ Sandman

In case you weren’t aware, Homeboy Sandman can flat-out rap. In this era of methodically repetitive rhymes and sing-songy hooks, Sandman is a throwback to more lyrical times, when merit was earned with technical skills. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, though, which is why he’ll sing off-key or let out a loud Ric Flair-esque “woooo!” for no reason. Out this week, Orphans is a 78-minute collection of Sandman’s best material, compiled by DMV DJ JAV, with whom the rapper collaborates. If you’re a Boy Sand fan, this is a must-listen. —-Marcus J. Moore

Reach for the Stars with Chris Barz

After a brief period of hibernation, Prince George’s County native Chris Barz kicked off February with a new video for “Touch the Sky.” The visuals match the song’s dreamlike bounce, offering surreal images that help bring the MC’s lyrics to life. Barz brings his trademark clever wordplay (“Girl I know you get so horny—roses, devils/’Cause you be off your “p”—poses, petals”) along with the silky flow that has made him one of the most promising artists to emerge from the area in the last five years. The video and the song are a perfect marriage; it’ll zone you out. There’s no telling how much weed has been smoked to “Touch the Sky” thus far, but it works for cruising on a Sunday afternoon, too. —-Julian Kimble

Marcus D. at Sundown

As Bop Alloy, collaborators Substantial and Marcus D. opt for a quieter sound that’s completely nocturnal. Though Substantial’s solo work is a bit edgier, the rapper/producer duo makes music suited for adult contemporary radio. Here, Marcus D. makes “Resilent,” a serene cut from Substantial’s Home is Where The Art is, even more relaxed. He trades the Marvin Gaye interpretation for prominent horns and wafting keys. Play it when the sun goes down. —-MJM