The Bethesda space formerly known as the Fraser Gallery hosted plenty of great photography exhibits, from Lida Moser to Maxwell MacKenzie, until its closure in 2011. The space’s current incarnation, Gallery B, doesn’t have the same pedigree, but it’s making an effort.

Its current exhibit includes the work of four photographers, three of whom are based in the D.C. area. Stephen Hoff produces highly stylized digital images of urban scenes at night; the ones of Times Square are predictably showy, but the more appealing ones are those that are (relatively) muted, such as the image of downtown Cincinnati with river water lit by successive bands of colored lights.

Martin Evans produces metallic photographs, the most notable of which is an image looking upward at a building façade through what appears to be a windshield splattered with water droplets and leaves. Howard Clark specializes in images of monuments—-a mist-shrouded Jefferson Memorial, and a panorama of figures frozen in place at a subdued World War II Memorial. But Dave Montgomery is probably the exhibit’s standout. While a few of his works are bland, several of his wide-format, digitally stitched landscapes (top) click—-a sweep of dusky red-brown hills, a panoply of flamingos on the water, and, best of all, an unexpectedly orderly field of sunflowers.Through March 2 at Gallery B, 7700 Wisconsin Ave., Suite E, Bethesda, Md. (301) 215-7990. Wed-Sat 12-6