Verizon Center digital billboards approved—-with conditions. [Washington Business Journal]

The Cyrus Cylinder, which goes on view tomorrow at the Sackler Gallery, is notable for its own history, but also for the significance various groups and leaders have projected upon it over time, writes Phil Kennicott. [Post]

Study: Alexandria’s arts scene produces more than $70 million a year in economic activity. [Washington Business Journal]

Scaffolding rises at Washington Monument. [WJLA]

Marvin Gaye‘s daughter, Nona Gaye, talks about her father and her play at the Warner Theatre, My Brother Marvin. [Post]

Virginia photographer finds Jesus in a muslin cloth. [WTOP]

The second A.R.T. of Go-Go event comes to Mt. Rainier this weekend. [TMOTTGoGo]