WASHINGTON, DC: Excision performs at the reopening of Echostage after major renovations. Saturday, March 23, 2013. ? Brandon Wu / for the Washington City Paper.

After three months of renovations, the reopening of Echostage—-a Saturday night show featuring Canadian dubstep DJ Excision—-didn’t go as smoothly as one might have hoped. Doors opened a full hour late. The upstairs bars are completely unfinished. The women’s restroom flooded within an hour, forcing the club to split the men’s restroom in two and send all patrons there. There were many complaints about overpriced water (though this complaint is a holdover from Echostage pre-renovation), which seems like a potentially dangerous issue for a dance club.

On the upside, the staff were competent and professional, the downstairs bars are shiny, new and enormous, and the sound system and visuals are certainly up to snuff. Excision and, to a lesser extent, guests Dirtyphonics, Vaski, and Paper Diamond drove the system to its limits, and at the very least no one can accuse Echostage of not having enough bass.

The venue is hitting the ground running, hosting two nights of French house DJ David Guetta next weekend. Here’s hoping they can get some of the kinks ironed out in the meantime.

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