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Standout Track: Side A, “Mob Gathering,” from a 7-inch co-released by No Balls Records and Ghost Highway Recordings. It’s a relatively slim slice of stoner/doom-rock pie: Borracho has been known to go long, but this one stops short of four minutes. “Mob Gathering” tells the story of a Mexican sharecropper caught up in a riot. Sung by gravel-voiced Noah Greenberg over Steve Fisher’s super-heavy Sabbathesque guitar, Tim Martin’s apocalyptic bass, and Mario Trubiano’s drum pummel, it’ll leave you hankering to smash windows.

Musical Motivation: Borracho was formed in 2009 (or, as Martin says, “On the eighth day, when the good Lord created the heavy…”) as a side project. Trubiano says, “We wanted to slow it down and get heavier again.” And louder: “We don’t use five full stacks or anything; we don’t need to overcompensate with speaker cabinets. [Fisher] can barely get his Model T over [Level] 3 without blowing out eardrums as it is.” For this track, Martin says, “We had some crushing riffs we thought would make a good tune, so we jammed them out.” Originally recorded in 2009 by a “total idiot” (Trubiano’s words), “Mob Gathering” was recently remixed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Stoned Rock: Asked whether you have to be stoned to play stoner rock, Martin says, “Wooaah man, that’s like, totally heavy. Do we have to be stoned? Do they have to be stoned? That’s crazy! We’re both stoned! Am I thinking this? Wait. Can you repeat the question?”

Listen to “Mob Gathering” after the jump.

Borracho plays tonight at Velvet Lounge.

The original version of this post made two reporting errors. First, it misidentified Borracho’s singer. His name is Noah Greenberg, not Tim Martin. Second, it misidentified the subject of a quotation. When Trubiano says that a band member “can barely get his Model T over [Level] 3 without blowing out eardrums as it is,” he’s referring to guitarist Steve Fisher, not bassist Tim Martin.