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There is now a club in Buffalo, N.Y., named after Fugazi‘s “Waiting Room“—-unless, that is, it’s named after Genesis‘ “The Waiting Room.” Buffalo News music critic Jeff Miers is betting on the former:

“But I don’t sit idly by/I’m planning a big surprise/I’m gonna fight for what I want to be/And I won’t make the same mistakes/Because I know how much time that wastes/and function is the key/To the waiting room.”

When Ian MacKaye of Fugazi wrote these lyrics, he was most likely referencing the frustrating ennui and inability to kick start a music scene in Washington, D.C., circa the mid-1980s. MacKaye did eventually have a major part in spearheading the post-hardcore music movement, through his work with Fugazi and the work of the indie label he launched, Dischord Records. Yet the song cited above, “The Waiting Room,” perfectly encapsulates that moment when an artist realizes that clear-headed vigilance is going to be necessary when seeking to drag a dream into reality.

Which is most likely why Donny Kutzbach and Chris Ring wanted to name their new venture the Waiting Room. The two are music promotion veterans – Kutzbach as co-founder of Fun Time Presents and co-owner of the Town Ballroom, Ring as head of After Dark Entertainment – and are well aware that “function is the key” in our own music scene, one that seems to be forever walking the tightrope between great success and dismal failure.

Well, a few things. 1) That scene-history timeline seems a little jumbled; and 2) “Waiting Room” doesn’t have an article, bro. But this is mostly notable because the Empire State seems to have a sudden taste for D.C. punk mojo—-I speak also of the Park Slope, Brooklyn, barbecue joint Fort Reno, which was founded by a pair of D.C.-area expats.

One more and we have a trend! Perhaps I will name my new bar in Greenpoint Shudder to Drink.

Also, it’s never too late for someone to open Minor Treat.