Judging by the size of the crowd at Black Cat last night, it would seem that Chelsea Light Moving doesn’t yet boast the name recognition of Thurston Moore‘s other band, Sonic Youth. But having captured the band’s awesome show at SXSW a few weeks ago, I—-and the others inside the half-full venue—-suspected we were in for something memorable.

The band played the entirety of its self-titled debut along with some works in progress, including a piece that adapted John Donne‘s poem “The Ecstasy” to Moore’s signature melodic fuzz and low-fidelity grit. (The concept came to him upon finding the poem inside “one of those indie chocolate bars, you know the kind that cost too much money and have stuff in it like sea salt, fennel, toothpaste…” said Moore.) The band—-which also includes bassist Samara Lubelski, drummer John Moloney, and guitarist Keith Wood—-wrapped things up with an insanely loud and feedback-drenched jam session.

For anyone who doesn’t love feedback as much as Thurston Moore, opener Marco Fusinato would have been an odd choice; he performs solo with a guitar and box of gear, and his preferred sound is fuzz. Not everyone’s choice, perhaps, but if you held out long enough, you might have heard a thread of melody running through it all.

See photos from both sets in the gallery.