D.C.’s hardcore scene was never known for its drinking songs. (Blame Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” for that.) But if the recent spate of D.C. band-inspired beers is any indication, this town’s punk and metal scenes are a brewmaster’s muse.

Blistering grindcore band Pig Destroyer got its very own beer in March, when Indiana’s metal-loving 3 Floyds brewery debuted its Permanent Funeral pale ale in honor of the band. (3 Floyds gave Richmond thrashers Municipal Waste the same treatment with its Toxic Revolution stout.)

In 2011, New Belgium—makers of Fat Tire—released a strong, dark sour ale inspired by Germantown heavyweights Clutch; that year, Georgia’s Burnt Hickory Brewery also premiered an amber malt called 9353, named after the off-kilter, post-punky D.C. ensemble that formed in the 1980s.

Last year, Portland, Ore., company Upright Brewing dropped a pilsner and schwarzbier hybrid with Bad Brains–derived label artwork.

Local brewery DC Brau, meanwhile, has said it wants to produce a beer in honor of D.C. bands Regents (punk) and Darkest Hour (metal)—and it’s already co-produced one for local ska stalwarts The Pietasters.

Now, Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company is readying its Borracho Smokin’ Brown Ale, a rich brew that takes its name from sludgy rock outfit Borracho (whose name translates to “drunk”). The limited-edition ale will be available exclusively on May 18 at Columbia Heights dive The Pinch.

This might crown Port City as the D.C. area’s most metal brewery: It hosts an occasional Metal Night at its headquarters, where bearded dudes from across the region assemble to quaff and headbang; and Port City already produced a beer in honor of a very metal thunderstorm: the great Derecho of 2012.