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Washington City Paper‘s Summer Entertainment Guide is here—-online now, and in boxes today. You should thumb (or click) through it. Why? Because we know the secret to a great D.C. summer.

Psssst! The secret is to chill.

Yeah, chill. That’s how everyone should spend a D.C. summer. Ride a bike at night. Stretch out on a patch of grass with a homemade iced Red Zinger. Hold onto your money and listen to live music in a park for free. Freak out to Hungarian music (for free). Freak out to out-there go-go (for free). Support your local DIY festival (for cheap). Or deposit yourself inside an air-conditioned club, watching one of the many performers we think you should see this season (for an often reasonable amount of money that helps sustain a local business).

The truth is, there aren’t any “must-dos” in a D.C. summer. But you must do something. Anything! And we can help.