WASHINGTON, DC: Kvelertak performs at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Sunday, May 19, 2013. ? Brandon Wu / for the Washington City Paper.

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Some metal bands play consistently great live shows simply by virtue of their music’s relative simplicity. Unlike the kind of metal that relies on technical complexity and mathematical precision, the straightforward brand of stuff that Kvelertak plays really just comes down to big, catchy riffs. With these guys there’s just not a lot of nuance to be lost in the midst of a chaotic, pummeling live show. Which is to say that, while their records don’t really thrill me, their live show is pretty close to a must-see. (Another band I’d file in the same category is Bolt Thrower, who are one of many reasons to check out Maryland Deathfest this coming weekend.)

Taking photos while in the middle of a raging mosh pit is… challenging, but here’s the full slideshow of 13 photos.