WASHINGTON, DC: Dreamscape featuring BT at Echostage. Saturday, May 25, 2013. ? Brandon Wu.

A couple months after witnessing a somewhat rocky reopening of the renovated Echostage, I returned for a pair of shows this past weekend and found a much-improved situation. Last Friday night, Glow/Panorama Productions and Steez Promo hosted Australian electro house duo Knife Party, and on Saturday, BADASS (ostensibly “Broke-Ass DJs Association”) Raves hosted D.C.-area native trance artist BT for the company’s massive annual “Dreamscape” production.

While Echostage’s renovations aren’t yet complete, they’re certainly a lot farther along than they were in late March, with the upstairs bars open and expanded bottle service and table areas. As for this weekend’s shows, both of them appeared to run smoothly: Knife Party’s aggressive set had the 4,000-capacity club going nuts, though the table service area was sparsely populated compared to the packed dance floor. Dreamscape put on an elaborate production featuring dancing, trapeze and aerial silk performances, and more from the Electrocute troupe, and the visuals were matched by well-received performances from a series of DJs, most notably BT and the harder-edged trance of UK-based duo Organ Donors.

Check out a slew of photos in the full slideshow. The gallery starts with 38 photos from Knife Party and then continues with 42 photos from Dreamscape (skip to here if you just want to see those).