Victoria Fu, a San Diego-based video artist, is one of two artists currently showing in D.C. whose works explore the odd disjointedness and layering seen in today’s ubiquitous electronic devices. But unlike Matthew Mann, whose Hamiltonian Gallery show draws upon a wide range of painterly influences dating back centuries, Fu’s video works pay homage to the non-narrative, experimental filmmaking of Stan Brakhage.

In “Lorem ipsum I” and “Lorem ipsum II,” Fu documents, in near-silence, a cryptic young woman in a pleasant-looking house and garden whose face is usually tantalizingly out of reach. (“Lorem ipsum” refers to the dummy text used to show font sizes and styles in graphic-design layouts.)

Some of her box-within-box video tricks are drawn straight from the 24 and CSI: Miami bag of tricks, though the grainy, watery quality of the film suggests Super-8 more than high-def, high-concept television. Fu’s careful layering of image upon image offers a convincing Windows-style look, and the works’ visual movements suggest the experience of multitasking.

At one point, Fu uses layered multiple exposures to suggest an Escheresque infinite staircase. But the most unexpectedly satisfying portions of the nearly 12- and six-minute loops are the interstitial color fields which, whether intentionally or by accident, provide a range of dreamy, undulating hues.

On view to June 22 at Flashpoint Gallery, 916 G St NW. (202) 315-1305. Tuesdays to Saturdays noon to 6 p.m.