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After months of sorting out pressing-plant issues, D.C.’s Beautiful Swimmers are set to release their first full-length album, Son, in the coming weeks on their Future Times label. The digital version will drop July 2, says Andrew Field-Pickering, one-half of the DJ/production duo, and although there isn’t a specific date for the double-LP vinyl release, he says it should come relatively soon. The LP includes two of the Swimmers’ signature tunes—-the supremely funky “Swimmers Groove” and the island-fried “Big Coast“—-because they didn’t want to re-press the original records, yet they still wanted to make them available again on vinyl, says the other Swimmer, Ari Goldman. Son “will be available in a massive way compared to a lot of the other Future Times stuff,” Field-Pickering says. Here’s their gently stoopid promo video for it, and an interview with Resident Advisor that explains where the title came from. Rumor has it that Field-Pickering drew the bear on the cover. He leaves soon for a tour of Australia behind his House of Woo solo album as Maxmillion Dunbar.