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After a string of reunion showsperiodic secretions of new material, and promises of a new record, beloved D.C. post-punk band The Dismemberment Plan has made it all official-like: The band announced today that it will release its fifth LP, Uncanney Valley, on Oct. 15. It’s the group’s first record since 2001’s Change.

On its website today, the band also posted a track list for the new album. (Anyone who attended D-Plan’s August shows at Metro Gallery would have heard several of these.) Behold:

No One’s Saying Nothing Waiting Invisible White Collar White Trash Living In Song Lookin’ Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer Mexico City Christmas Go And Get It Let’s Just Go To The Dogs Tonight

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Due to a reporting error, the original version of this blog post misspelled the name of Dismemberment Plan’s new record. It is called Uncanney Valley, not Uncanny Valley.