Subterranean Adams Morgan record store Joint Custody is relocating to U Street. The shop’s Gary Langworthy says the store will move sometime in the next two weeks, taking over the pleasant basement space formerly occupied by Ginger Root’s retail shop at 1530 U St. NW. (Ginger Root continues to run its tailoring business upstairs.)

Of all the record shops on 18th Street NW, the two-year-old Joint Custody is probably the grimiest; sitting at the bottom of a short, dark stairwell, the smallish store, which also hosts occasional shows, lives directly underneath Pharmacy, the neighborhood’s sole remaining punk-rock dive. Joint Custody’s entrée onto U Street puts it at the middle point of D.C.’s record-nerd Silk Road: In a couple of weeks, vinyl sniffers can start hitting Joint Custody between stops at 14th Street’s Som to the east, and 18th Street’s Red Onion, Smash, and Crooked Beat to the west.