Migratory D.C. dream-pop band Gems has been dropping one crushing single after another. I almost can’t bear another one—-these songs are so sad!—-but Kimberly-Clark stockholders will be pleased to hear that Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher released another song, “Sinking Stone,” yesterday morning.

Once again, we get cover art that’s a barer take on 23 Envelope’s dramatic portfolio; it’s clear Gems is working from a fairly identifiable artistic starting point here. “Could you ever love me again?/I need to know/Our love’s not a sinking stone,” Pitts sings at her voice’s wispy upper range. A reverb-drenched synth shudder lurches behind her; Usher’s delicate, Beach House-does-Twin Peaks guitar parts sound executed for maximum pathos.

Time for a good sob in the bathroom.

Listen to “Sinking Stone” after the jump.