Early this morning, someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial with green paint. The site is now temporarily closed while the National Park Service cleans it up. [CBS]

After Washington Post readers help fund their trip, a Maryland high school choir performs in South Africa. [Post]

Does Showtime have the best jukebox in D.C. now? [Post]

Wale says he was booted from a flight for leaving his phone on. [Post]

Next year, D.C.-area arts organizations will put on a festival in honor of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. [Post]

Journalist Wil Haygood writes about being in the background of The Butler, the film whose story comes from a Washington Post story he wrote in 2008. [Post]

National Gallery of Art acquires dozens of new artworks. [Post]

Library of Congress picks up about 10,000 items belonging to gay rights activist Lilli Vincenz. [Huffington Post D.C.]

WAMU interviews D.C. novelist Elliott Holt [WAMU]

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