Newcomers to D.C.’s small electronic-music scene might know him as part of the power trio Volta Bureau, but D.C. electronic music producer Bernard Farley has been cranking out house, techno, and electro tracks under the name Outputmessage for a good decade now, many of them for his own label, Output Noise. His work is consistently pristine, with a sensitive ear for songcraft—-and he’s got pipes, too.

Last year, Outputmessage released his Quantum Love EP, a collection of achey, R&B-tinged electro-pop gems that utilized principles in physics as an extended metaphor for relationships (tracks were called “Heisenberg” and “Tachyon,” etc.). But the relatively low-BPM songs weren’t all made with clubbin’ in mind. So on Aug. 6, Farley releases an EP of turnt up Quantum Love remixes called “Look At All the Possibilities,” which takes its name from a line from his song “4000km,” and perhaps also refers to the potential for mutation and growth in Outputmessage’s music.

Outputmessage tossed Arts Desk one of his new remixes in advance of the EP’s release. Below, listen to my favorite song on the EP, “Heisenberg (Magic Spell Mix).” This one is practically ambient compared to the release’s more upbeat mixes, but it opens up slowly and satisfyingly. For the rest, check iTunes on Aug. 6, and keep your eyes open for Outputmessage’s next LP—-an album of what he calls “space music.”

Download “Heisenberg (Magic Spell Mix)” on Soundcloud