Softly fuzzy D.C. band Teen Mom released a new single today, “Kitchen.” The first single since the band’s Mean Tom EP, it’s perhaps the longest song the quartet (formerly a trio) has ever released—-a whole six-and-a-half minutes. What are these dudes trying to be, Yes?

Just kidding. The tune’s longish, yes, but this is no prog-rock epic. “Kitchen” just needs time to sort its shit out. “I made my mind about leaving here/As I awake you disappear/And it’s colder now and I’m not so sure/About what I say I’m looking for,” whimpers guitarist and vocalist Chris Kelly in the tune’s opening verse. Bassist Tom MacWright and drummer Sean Dalby help a brother out, swaddling Kelly’s searching voice in fleece until the song reaches its sunset.

This one’s a grower, so listen a couple of times.