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The View From Glizzy’s Block

The Shy in Shy Glizzy stands for Streets Hottest Youngin, but it’s been noted that he’s soft spoken in person—-and there’s some definite shyness going on in this interview, done right in the heart of his 37th Street SE neighborhood. His musical persona remains as brash and quasivillainous as ever, though. Here’s my review of Law 2, his new mixtape.—-Joe Warminsky

Visto’s Commitment Issues

368 Music Group’s Visto capped the week off by releasing “Fxcking Around,” an ode to complicated relationships. It focuses on the struggle of not being able to commit, but not being able walk away—-even when it’s the best course of action. With an R&B hook that immediately brings Donnell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” to mind (“I need the way you make me feel, and that’s the thing I can’t deny/But I cannot commit to you…”), “Fxcking Around” finds Visto pushing a woman away for her own good. It’s darker and less vulgar than the pull-no-punches serenade “How That Pxssy Taste,” and the rapper’s raspy voice strains as he painfully confesses that the dysfunctional situation he’s involved in must end. A storm begins in the background around the 2:30 mark, we endure the anguish of the chorus once more, and then Visto’s heartache comes to a close. This is the second leak from his Before Euphoria album, which is due on August 20.—-Julian Kimble

An Award for Mistachuck

D.C.’s Head-Roc will be among the performers at a Sept. 7 Lincoln Theatre event honoring Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who is receiving the Paul Robeson “Here I Stand” Award from the D.C.-based Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute. (Last year it was Common.) Here’s Chuck’s teaser for the show.—-JW

Hold You Down

Released last year, Kingpen Slim‘s Triple Beam Dreams was a mostly serious look into the rapper’s checkered past. Out this week, Slim’s “Hold You Down” is a laid-back ode to romanticism. It reinterprets Ready for the World‘s 1986 hit, “Love You Down,” with a little bit of bragging. X Factor contestant Marcus Canty handles the hook duties. “Hold You Down” is the first single from Slim’s forthcoming mixtape, The Deep End, out this fall.—-Marcus J. Moore

The Life Aquatic With Dunson

In honor of the one-year anniversary of his The Investment mixtape’s release, Dunson borrowed the beat from Jay-Z’s“Oceans”—-or rather, jumped in a hole that Pharrell and Timbaland left in the beat and looped it. The Maryland rapper chronicles his experience over the past year from performing at SOBs in New York City to meeting with record labels. He has fun with his take on “Oceans,” dropping clever aquatic references like: “I went to the Pacific and sat with Atlantic/So they could basically tell me I was just scratchin’ the canvas.” So much can change in a year and Dunson, motivated by the release of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album, felt compelled to share his instinctive travels across the U.S. Music—-and the pursuit of success—-will make you do that.—-JK

Ridin’ With Wale

XO wasn’t always in demand. In 2008, he was a scrappy upstart with brash rhymes and a charismatic delivery. That was displayed on “Ride’n,” a hypnotic favorite from Oddisee‘s 101 compilation. The song was recently revamped with a brand new beat from Diamond District collaborator yU, who accelerated the tempo and used similar melodic wails as the original. Much like other XO songs, it’s heavy on D.C. references and shoutouts: “Georgetown shoppin’/uptown grindin’/Southside riders.” In what sounds like an old Wale verse, he riffs on the lack of support from local radio and perceived D.C. hate—-no surprise there.—-MJM