Filled with elaborate costumes and smoldering sensuality, Adam Ant‘s early MTV videos seemed remarkably different than a lot of videos coming out at that time. Clearly, Ant’s visuals made a lasting impression: At the 9:30 Club last night, it wasn’t hard to find similar costumes—-along with duplicates of Ant’s signature facial stripe. Ant and his very tight band, The Good, the Mad, and the Lovely Posse, played upwards of 30 songs, pulling from his first release in years, Adam Ant is the BlueBlack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter, as well as some from his MTV heyday.

Ant, clothed in attire from his new fashion label—-called, of course, Blueblack Hussar—-is still cheeky; following the “one love song I ever wrote” (“Wonderful”), he said, “Actually I did write another love song, another kind of love song, though some may not agree.” He went on, “There was a book called 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t read that stuff. Why read it when you can do it?”, then launched into “Whip in My Valise.” As he rounded out the main show with hits like “Vive Le Rock,” “Ant Music,” and “Goody Two Shoes,” the crowd united in a massive pogo.

The opening band, Prima Donna, is known for its own sort of smoldering sensuality. The band’s style of cock rock—-coursed through with elements of punk and pop—-are always fun live, though last night was a tamer affair. Chalk that up to lead singer/guitarist Kevin Preston being fully dressed and the prudent placement of a barricade between the band and the audience.

See photos from both sets in the gallery.