“Invisible” isn’t the first song by the Dismemberment Plan that’s about a city other than D.C. (hello-oh). But it is kind of weird—-isn’t it?—-to hear frontman Travis Morrison sing about feeling isolated in New York, where he’s now lived for several years (and he appears to be very settled and happy there!). The song is the second single from the reunited indie-rock band’s forthcoming LP, Uncanney Valley, and, as a bonus, you don’t even have to call a hotline to hear it.

The track finds the band in a sonic and psychic place that’s similar to the heavier moments from its previous full-length, 2001’s Change: Propelled by a chilly string figure; dense, crunchy guitars; and a characteristically fleet rhythm from drummer Joe Easley, the song is taut and tension-filled, and the wisdom it arrives at in its chorus nods to maturity, but defers the leap. “Invisible, yeah that’s me/if you look then you’ll see right through me/someday I’m gonna make my move/what have I got to lose?”

Take a listen. Uncanney Valley is out on Partisan Records on Oct. 15.

Photo courtesy Partisan Records