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In their early days—-all the way back in 2012—-the members of Hyattsville duo Ploy made synthpop that erred on the side of minimalism. Infancy-stage tracks like “Anywhere” made emotional headway, but without the production chops that could bear the load. Months passed and Gil Wojcik and Justin Victoria tinkered away, periodically emerging with new and increasingly grown-up singles that seemed like the product of a lot of soul-searching (and maybe some new software): Earworms like “XIX” and “VRDSNT” sounded fully formed, and finally gave Ploy the platform it needed for its big, sad love songs.

That’s a lot of improvement in less than a year. I’m beginning to suspect that Ploy is injecting some kind of bovine growth hormone.

But I won’t discourage ’em—-because the band’s new EP,Young for a Moment, is Ploy’s best yet. “XIX” and “VRDSNT” reappear here, and still sound like two of the duo’s strongest to date. But the previously unreleased “The Romance” and EP closer “Death and an Atheist” threaten to snatch the crown.

Whatever you’re doing, Ploy—-I mean, it’s drugs, right?—-keep doing it. Anything to crank out more of these tear-streaked jams.

Listen to Young for a Moment after the jump.