Artistic development. Growth. Maturity. These are not things for D.C. band The Shirks.

Today, local label Cricket Cemetery released “Action Men,” the latest 7-inch from the garage-punk band. The Shirks aren’t biting off more than they can chew here: The 7-inch is a three-songer of the same crunchy, snot-drizzled quality as its recent self-titled LP, with minimal “guitar work” (The Shirks probably don’t use that term) and an anthem with a philosophy we should all get behind: “Gimmie Less.”

“Action Men” is recorded by local studio wizard Nikhil Ranade, who also recorded Obits’ forthcoming full-length on Sub Pop. Listen to The Shirks’ new 7-inch below and buy it via Cricket Cemetery or at one of the band’s shows. They’re scheduled to play the Black Cat’s 20th anniversary weekend on Sept. 13.