“Anything loud.” That’s how Ian Thompson, founder of Arlington’s Cricket Cemetery, described his record label’s forte in a 2011 interview with Washington City Paper. But it turns out Cricket Cemetery does quiet pretty well, too—-though it’s hard to find much of that on the September sampler Thompson recently posted on Bandcamp.

The sampler, which you can stream and download for free, includes some forthcoming stuff from the label and some oldies-but-goodies, my favorite being the ambient, saxophone-laced Tal jam from the Chicago musician’s split 7-inch with Iron Galaxy released this summer.

Other notable tracks: a cut from Paint Branch‘s I Wanna Live, which Cricket Cemetery plans to release on vinyl later this year, and the glam-punk-cock-rock anthem “Pretty Sure” from Baltimore’s Ravagers. (That band’s Cricket Cemetery 12-inch, Livin in Oblivion, is on tap for this fall.) Uptown XO, Cricket Cemetery’s only hip-hop artist, also makes an appearance with his Takeover 2 track “Uptown Anthem.”

Listen to the sampler below and cop it on Bandcamp. Oh, and when you’re done absorbing that, consider preordering this not-yet-existent Cricket Cemetery fitted cap on hatmatic.com. It’s kind of a skate-bro look for a hat with a very goth name: the “Columbarium cap.”