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Glizzy’s Lament

Shy Glizzy made some of his finest work to date on his third full-length project, Law 2. But the release isn’t without its flaws. On the tape, he consistently shrinks in the presence of higher-profile acts like Migos, Starlito, and Kevin Gates, compromising his own personality for the sake of accommodating collaborators. Memphis rapper Yo Gotti is the only notable guest feature to show an inkling of chemistry with Glizz.

On the Rico Beats-produced “Money Problems,” the duo bemoans their financial woes, but they’re different kinds of woes: Glizzy is strapped for cash; Gotti can barely keep count. The record was originally a solo endeavor released as a single from Glizzy’s previous album, Fxck Rap. He forfeits his latter verse to make room for Gotti on the redux, warranting an entirely new video filmed on 37th Street SE. —-Harold Stallworth

Beyond Modern

Hip-hop-meets-EDM group Beyond Modern dropped an impressive self-titled EP last year, and this week, it returned with “Kids Still,” a Top Secret-produced ode to youthful exuberance. With a Queen-inspired hook sung by frequent collaborator Phillip Hartley, the song echoes a theme Beyond Modern has been riding pretty hard: fast living.

The song’s new video samples from footage of the group performing at the first Trillectro festival, the H Street festival, SXSW, and Brightest Young Things’ Emerging Artists Super Sampler. The clip concludes with some of that aforementioned youthful exuberance—-aka the dumb shit you do with your friends.—-Julian Kimble



‘Folkz is better known as a rapper, but he’s quietly become one of D.C.’s most sought-out producers, too. His latest concoction, “100K,” is a bouncy number with occasional guitar stabs. The latest from D.C. rapper Cousin Bubb, it features a standout verse from legendary rapper Scarface. “What’s the difference between us? A hunnid thousand dollars,” the rappers taunt on the hook. —-Marcus J. Moore


Lyriciss only popped up sporadically over the past year, but it was probably because he was working: “Ridin'” is his second new video in less than a month. Produced by Grussle, “Ridin'” paints a vivid picture of the serene weekend cruise over a smooth, ’90s vibe: “You can run the tags, ain’t nothin’ in here stolen/We just hittin’ blocks like linemen—-we zonin’.”

The video, which features Lyriciss and Pro’Verb crawling through D.C. in a white Acura, cops footage from Friday, Dead Presidents, Paid in Full, New Jack City, Boyz N The Hood, Menace ll Society, Bad Boys, and Superfly. “Ridin'” can be found on The Balance, which comes out Oct. 29; you can pre-order it now. —-JK

Phil Adé

Produced by Cool Kids Forever Films, Phil Adé’s new video for “2 A.M.” focuses on the rapper as he tries to persuade a girl to ditch her boyfriend. On the track, Adé is joined by UGK legend Bun B, whose OG sensibilities compliment Adé’s bravado: “She say she want a player now she got one, a hot one/I’m in the driver’s seat and shorty riding shotgun/Drop the top, we rollin’ out/We ridin’ off in the sunset.” —-JK