From the “slept on” file: Pitchfork premiered a new song, “Stutter,” from D.C. indie-rock quartet Deleted Scenes last week, and it’s kind of wackadoodle. That’s not a negative assessment. The crazy, shrieky “Stutter” feels like a natural extension of where the band was headed on its last LP, Young People’s Church of the Air, and at least one of the bonus tracks on that album’s reissue.

“Stutter” gets a proper 7-inch release Nov. 5 on Park the Van/Nevado, and Deleted Scenes releases its next LP, Lithium Burn, in February 2014.

And don’t forget: Saturday night, Deleted Scenes plays 9:30 Club with D.C.’s godfathers of wackadoodle: Dismemberment Plan.

Listen to “Stutter” below.