Last week, as first reported by Prince of Petworth, a car crashed into Bohemian Caverns, the legendary jazz club at 11th and U streets NW. It was around midnight on October 8-9 when the vehicle broke through the building’s north wall (facing a parking lot) and into the venue’s ground-floor kitchen. DC Firefighters Local 36 tweeted that there was no damage to the building’s structural integrity.

The club has since been closed. Asked for how long he expects it to stay that way, co-owner and operator Omrao Brown is only able to say, “Not sure.” Apparently, Brown is still waiting for insurance contractors to schedule a visit to the property.

Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, the Caverns’ Monday night residents, had to cancel its performance this week. Likewise, this Friday’s scheduled performance by avant-gardists Steve and Iqua Colson has been canceled, according to Transparent Production’s Sara Donnelly, the show’s organizer. However, as of this afternoon, the weekend’s other scheduled performer, straightahead drummer Ralph Peterson, had not been informed of a canceled gig. Indeed, he expressed shock at the question: “NO!!! Where did you hear that?” he said in an IM conversation. Peterson says he’ll check into it. (Update, Oct. 16: Ralph Peterson’s Saturday and Sunday shows at Bohemian Caverns have been canceled.)

Liv, the nightclub on the building’s second floor, remains open.

Photo by Ally Schweitzer