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Missy Love

D.C. rapper Missy Love reminds me of a 20-something Nicki Minaj under Gucci Mane‘s tutelage. She seems to make a concerted effort to embody equal parts sex symbol, drug merchant, and D.C. street tough. “Popstar” encapsulates her studio persona; it’s littered with visceral threats and cocaine analogies, with several outrageous declarations of moistness to boot. The deliberately crude video, directed by Tristan Cinemas, attempts to cast Missy as a big, colorful personality that stands at odds with the ominous music she’s released thus far. —-Harold Stallworth



Admittedly, I don’t know much about Trev-Ski, other than what I’ve read on the Internet, which is: He’s a Maryland DJ and producer who used to dig for records at yard sales and secondhand stores, and he digs EDM, hip-hop, and reggae. Just a quick visit to his Soundcloud page reveals some pretty impressive beats. Last night, Trev posted the genre-blending “Money Stackin” and its upbeat New Jack Swing. Last week, he uploaded a pretty dope instrumental, “Le Corazon V2.” It’s a horn-heavy compilation of chopped Spanish vocals and piano loops, underpinned by bubbly drums and vinyl scratches. Then there’s “The Laid Back Clap,” with its silky electric piano and retro-futuristic soul. If you, like me, are less than familiar with the producer, these tracks are a great introduction. —-Marcus J. Moore

Rahiem Supreme

Rahiem Supreme, who showed flashes of excellence on his Swag Genie EP earlier this year, offers a new visual with “Foresee.” “This is for the misunderstood. Sometimes you gotta break shit all the way down for them to get a full understanding,” Supreme says on the song’s intro before launching into a lyrical lesson: “The other day a nigga told me let the God speak through you/My third eye open and now I can see through you.” The washed out video features the rapper living up to his self-appointed “King Supreme” title, donning a pharaoh costume while resurrecting a slain young man with a touch on the shoulder. The beat, with faint horns and a snare and kick that stumble over each other, complements the images with a ’90s-ish sonic backdrop. It’s a simple, crisp preview of his next project, Lost Gemz. —-Julian Kimble

Nike Nando

Earlier this week, Nike Nando dropped a video for “World Domination,” a standout from his SprdLv mixtape. Day Soze and Deuce the Music bring to life Nando’s Era Hardaway-produced quest for supremacy, superimposing footage of the rapper over mushroom clouds and other random clips. “I just want to rule the world,” the rapper repeats on the song’s hook, a Scarface-inspired mantra for stepping on the roaches who try to bring you down during your struggle to the top. Hopefully, the release of Could Be Worse will place the diligent rapper closer to his goal come Christmas Eve. —-JK