Sarita Choudhury as Mira and Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson in Homeland (Season 3, Episode 08). - Photo: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: homeland_308_0371.R

This Homeland episode begins with Saul attempting to prove he’s devoted to his wife Mira, which involves making breakfast. She’s won over, of course. But he has some news for her—-he must go on a mysterious trip for a week. No other information. Mira briefly seems to regret leaving her scruffy fling, who—-you absolutely won’t believe this—-was probably just using her to spy on Saul. After she broke off their fling, he plugged a bunch of shit into their home computers. Wires, tapped.

The crux of the episode involves the shiny-haired, shady operatives who originally connected Carrie to the terrorist mastermind Javadi. The CIA has connected this Mr. Leland Bennett to various terrorist financing and is planning a confrontation. First though, Adal, his evil goatee shining with malice, warns him. This is a man who seems to have loyalties to anyone and everyone. Must be exhausting.

One of these financiers, Franklin, meets with Carrie, and she hopes that he will lead her to the man actually responsible for the Langly bombing. Even though she is wholly interested in locating this man and clearing Brody’s name, she does ask for some personal time and takes herself and her budding child to a prenatal exam. We discover that she’s 13 weeks pregnant, but we don’t know the sex because Carrie wasn’t interested. Ugh.

She’s also keeping things mysterious by texting with a restricted number. Restricted writes: “So much depends upon,” and Carrie answers “A red wheelbarrow.” So he reads! A literary fellow trying to prompt you to complete a William Carlos Williams poem. Is it… Brody? Is her red set of wheels? Sounds like an annoying pet name that I wouldn’t be surprised they used.

Back to the mission at hand, it appears that Franklin has not been sent to deliver the bomber to some mysterious foreign land, but rather was sent to assassinate him. Carrie, so good at not following orders, disobeys and tries to run to stop him. Though a microphone, perched with his sniper weapon, Quinn says: “You’re fucking us Carrie, months of work, your work. I will take the shot.” “I don’t care!” yells Carrie, so Quinn shoots her. In the bicep, so good work, man.

Franklin also makes a clean shot at this terrorist and dissolves him in the bathtub. Must have watched Breaking Bad like everyone else.

Meanwhile, Saul has landed in some unknown Spanish-speaking country and is dealing with a bunch of roughs. He hands them a suitcase of money and is taken into a frightening building and finds a frightening Brody. Brody’s now apparently living in a stinky, scary heroin haze. All bloodshot eyes, no lines to speak. Well, we did miss the red.