It’s been about nine months since Future Times’ Maxmillion Dunbar released House of Woo, a convivial combination of the D.C. DJ/producer’s experimental inclinations and his rhythmic proclivities. This week he circles back to some of those songs with the free Woo Daps, a remix/mixtape project that plays like a stand-alone release.

Although four-on-the-floor dance beats do cycle into the mix, the emphasis is on headphone trips and space jams: The tracks “For Mozy” and “Inca Tags” are each diffused into two-part mini-suites, and the second half of the tape merges a few mystery tracks with the live version of “Kangaroo” that Max performed with fellow Future Times labelmates Protect-U during a special set (with dub action by Peaking LightsAaron Coyes) at this year’s Red Bull Music Academy in New York.

On the Future Times front, the D.C. label has lined up releases from Vancouver’s Mood Hut crew: A 12-inch by Hasman Deejay and a split release from House of Doors and Kinetic Electronix. Check out the previews:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery