Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland (Season 3, Episode 10). - Photo: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: Homeland_310_0892.R

Episode 10 of Homeland begins at Langley as Quinn apologizes to Carrie for shooting her in the arm, as a preventative measure. Though she barely acknowledges his plea, he wastes no time getting into her business. He says she shouldn’t be involved with a dangerous operation sending Brody into Iran because she’s pregnant (with Brody’s kid, being the major subtext that Homeland has avoided addressing). Carrie side-eyes Quinn: “It’s not his.” Glad that was cleared up so believably and quickly!

Quinn’s baby-concerning is not the only source of stress when it comes to this Brody-goes-to-Iran operation. It even prompts a new, random character tic for Saul. He has a “lucky gum.” It’s called Black Jack gum, it was first made in the 1800s, and it’s got a licorice flavor. “Back to chewing your lucky gum, again?” Carrie asks Saul. Never too late to establish character details, especially ones involving candy.

Lockhart, who’s sent to observe the operation and is up to some power-snatching of sorts, approaches Carrie about her shoulder. Carrie looks at him like he’s a big, stupid nerd and says, “I’m fine,” why the hell are you talking to me? Then he asks, “You must be one hell of a salesperson to get Brody to do this.” Oh, you couldn’t even measure Carrie’s annoyance on this one.

As CIA employees are stressing over some screens, Brody is chilling by some brush by the Iran-Iraq border, eating goat. While the operation may have seemed foolproof, it rapidly devolves into a huge, confusing shitshow. Iraqi police turn up and have to be shot. Just as we’re hearing some backstory from Brody’s new solider friend (“I grew up in Texas. All I wanted to do was ride bulls…but my nuts couldn’t take the beating”) their car explodes up and flips into a ditch. The camera leaves their perspective, so we’re back at the  CIA staring at heat sensors, waiting to see if Brody and our new bearded friend are alive. This episode could basically be told with silent Carrie reaction shots. This one is highly stressed, sad, and frightened. Both Saul and Carrie are chomping away on their favorite lucky gum.

The heat sensors found them and they’re alive, but our pal from Texas is about to bleed out. Brody’s carrying him. Carrie tears. Carrie nods proudly as the plan proceeds. Carrie looks sad again.

Lots of machine guns and fighting and confusing stuff. Brody finally emerges to make a run for the border, and finally gets caught by the Iranian military. Boom! And our new Texan  friend is stable! Double boom. But there’s another American captive with Brody. Javadi greets Brody, shoots the American extra, and says: “Now we go to Tehran.” And onto a new adventure, they go!

The original version of this post misspelled “sensors.” It has been corrected.

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