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Back in my grade-school days, the black-market baseball card trade flourished. Remember that 1990 Score card, the one of Bo Jackson holding a baseball bat over his football-padded shoulders? Of course you do. It was a piece of art worth more to me than every Orel Hershiser and Nolan Ryan card put together. So I’m glad there’s still a market for artful baseball cards, thanks to Project Dispatch.

The D.C. art subscription service has created a line of trading cards, 44 in all, profiling the local artists in its stable. Packs of trading cards are a perfect fit for an art subscription service (think a CSA but for locally sourced artworks instead of produce). The cards come eight to a pack, complete with bubblegum. And while there aren’t any of the signed, foil-stamped hologram rookie cards that I prized as a kid, I did find a bonus card in one pack. So go buy some art cards—then trade me for some of my duplicates. Here are some cards I’m not ready to part with.

Design by Carey Jordan