HO HO WHO: A generally loveable, somewhat ramshackle Philly indie-rock band that once made one of the best videos ever to use old people as extras.

FEED THE WORLD, LET THEM HEAR YOU CLICK AT CHRISTMAS TIME: The piano-based “Oh My Christmas Tree” is one of four songs on a special EP written and recorded by frontman Scott McMicken, the proceeds of which will go to the anti-hunger charity Feeding America. NOTE: If you buy all four songs at once from iTunes, it’s $4.99, but each song is $1.29 separately, which adds up to $5.16. Don’t punk out, kids. Pay more.

SEASON OF SACRIFICE: The song is engagingly bittersweet, with its emphasis on how the tree must die so Christmas can live: “Oh my Christmas tree/Will never get to grow/Into all its mighty rings/But for a month or so/Oh, the joy it’ll know/And all the spirit that it brings.” Come to think of it, maybe “Oh My Christmas Tree” is really about the dirtiest duality of Western society’s winter customs: At our most generous and sentimental, we’re still instigating ecological destruction. Might as well stuff the ol’ evergreen into a hot fireplace, too, and hurl carbon-based gases into the atmosphere. BURN, CHRISTMAS, BURN.

CHEER FACTOR: 8/10. Take your pick: delightful eggnoggy introspection or angry, elevated eco-consciousness!

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