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HO HO WHO: 22-year-old Brighton native Patty Walters is quite the YouTube sensation among girls under the age of 18. When he’s not busy lending his preternaturally nasal vocals to pop-punk outfit As It Is, Walters YouTubes his screamo covers of popular songs by Miley Cyrus and Panic! at the Disco et al. For this Halloween/Christmas edition, he offers his take on The Nightmare Before Christmas tune “This is Halloween.”

SCARY CHRISTMAS: Since its release in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas has been the holiday movie of choice for those who appreciate a quality Danny Elfman score but think Christmas wreaths would look better with a skull and crossbones. What’s more, Tim Burton and screamo both appeal to the Hot Topic demographic, so this is a fairly predictable musical marriage.

EVERYBODY SCREAM: The video shows Walters made up in his best imitation of a Misfits T-shirt, camera alternating between close-ups of his face (and emo-fabulous haircut) and his animated takes on both guitar and drums. The track is bumped up to headbanging pace, and Walters replaces its cartoonish chorus with a combination of high-pitched coos and bratty screeches. Dude is a cookie-cutter pretty boy, but his deviations—-surprisingly!—-do not fully detract from the song’s catchiness. His kick-drum battery is also pretty impressive.

CHEER FACTOR: 5/10. I really wanted to go full-on Grinch on this track, but Walters did not ruin my Christmas.