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Standout Track: No. 1, “Velvet Underwear,” from the new double 7-inch by D.C. garage-rock trio Thee Lolitas. All four songs on the EP—co-released by Fandango Records and Arnold Records—are manic rippers guaranteed to start a bar brawl. Just don’t go looking for deep meaning behind the tunes. “Panties,” says guitarist/barker Vlad Dolan when asked what “Velvet Underwear” is about. “I wish I had a halfway-decent story, but like most of our songs from that period, it was written out of necessity.” Drummer Jacky Majic didn’t want to play a show without songs, Dolan says, “so we cobbled a few together.”

Musical Motivation: Dolan describes “Velvet Underwear” as “a somewhat sugary take on a Velvet Underground rip,” but admits the tune has gone through some modifications since it was first bashed out. “That’s not to say that we refine any of our songs,” says the Shaw resident. “We just get bored pretty quickly. I’d like to think that we have a bit of an unspoken rule that the appearance of competence should be avoided if possible. Fortunately for us, it’s almost always possible.”

Two’s Not a Crowd: Two songs on the EP were recorded by Dolan and Majic alone because they worked as a duo for a while. But shortly after documenting those tunes, they began looking for a bassist and found Collin Barth. “We’d often run into Collin lurking around the bathrooms of our favorite bars and knew him to be a pretty phenomenal guitar player, so we asked him to play bass,” Dolan says. “He shrugged and we’ve been a sultry threesome ever since.”

Listen to “Velvet Underwear” after the jump.