WASHINGTON, DC: The Anthony Pirog Trio at Atlas Performing Arts Center. January 16, 2014. ? Brandon Wu / for the Washington City Paper.

Local guitarist Anthony Pirog has assembled a new trio with drummer Ches Smith (among many others, of Secret Chiefs 3 and his tremendous collective improv group These Arches) and prolific Baltimore bassist Michael Formanek. Under the name “Anthony Pirog Trio”—-the compositions are all Pirog’s—-they put on their first live show last night at Atlas Performing Arts Center.

The trio already has a recording waiting in the wings, so there were no first-date jitters here. Pirog’s compositions were as wide-ranging as one would expect, moving seamlessly from rock to jazz to ambient music, from loud and intense to soft and contemplative, from amorphous noise to lyrical melody. His writing gave his collaborators plenty of room to shine, too, with Smith in particular turning in a memorable performance. Now, where’s that CD?

See the full slideshow for a dozen photos from the show.